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A beautiful day in Italy country is good day to have activity in outside together with friend or family, people or tourits were seen in any good or history place around it. Meanwhile in somewhere place there were seen 2 persons, a son and a father who were talking with kind fighting with each other.

"Dad, i can't leave Felisia alone. She needs someone to accompany her, who will protect her if i wasn't around her?" Said Niccolo with kind angry to his dad Lovino, "Son i knew you love her so much as sister, but i must bring you too with me who will have duty in other country for month. I couldn't leave you alone in here, you're only my important treasure since your mother died." reply Lovino with kind angry but sad. Niccolo seem look want to stay in Italy country, but when he saw his dad's reaction become sad then he become regret.

"Alright dad i will go with you, but may i meet someone first before prepare anything for tomorrow?" Ask Niccolo after reply, "Sure, becareful on your way." reply Lovino with smile. Then Niccolo kiss his dad's cheeck and leave house to meet someone, a someone that he knew who always together with his nephew Felisia. Then, Niccolo speed up his run into somewhere place.

Later Niccolo arrives in somewhere place which is park, there he see a young boy who was sitting in bench and soon he walk into him.

"Hello Hafid, today is beautiful isn't it?" Said Niccolo with trying to be nice, "Oh hello Niccolo, yes today is very beautiful. I have vacation in here for month, alone without my father who was very busy. He said that i could have vacation in here, so i did it. May i help you with something, Niccolo?" reply Hafid also ask to him. "Yes, would you like to do a favor for me?" Reply Niccolo to him, "Sure, what's it?" reply Hafid with confuse when see Niccolo's face seem sad.

"You see i must go with my dad tomorrow, to accompany him who will have duty in other country for month. I'm worried if something bad will happen to Felisia if i wasn't around her, so could you take care and protect her for me Hafid?" Niccolo said his favor with hope, "Sure, i will do my best to take care and protect Felisia like you said Niccolo." reply Hafid with smile and it make Niccolo glad.

"Before i leave to go home i would to ask you a question, Hafid do you like Felisia?" Ask Niccolo to him, "Hm?, what do you mean?" Hafid ask with confuse and doesn't understand what he mean. "N-Nothing, j-just don't make her sad." Reply Niccolo who then run away as fast as he can, Hafid who saw him running away keep confuse with his words. Soon Hafid sit back in bench again, to see sky who beautiful in Italy country.

The End
Please don't misunderstood, no one asked me request to made story. It was made by myself, i'm serious!

Niccolo - :iconsleepyweez:
Hafid - Me
Lovino/Romano - Himaruya
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PattitonLourkaiSage Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014  Student General Artist
Upon reading the first line,I LOVE IT!

Niccolo usually fights with his dad.
S3cRt Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014

I see
PattitonLourkaiSage Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014  Student General Artist
Especially for what he wants
S3cRt Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014
Oh, i see.
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March 8, 2014


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